A Chinese gilt bronze Amitayus from a private Belgian collection

Sold for € 678.320

Jef Verheyen (1976): painting (o/c) 'Lente Provence'

Sold for € 52.000

Chinese Meiping vase in blue and white porcelain from a Belgian private collection

Sold for € 451.400

Philippe Vandenberg (mixed media) "Het lotsverlangen" 1989 - 1994 - 1995

record price for this artist

Sold for € 40.000

Zao Wou-Ki: technique mixte sur papier 'sans titre' signé et daté 1975 (52,5x56)

Sold for € 70.000

Théodore Ralli: painting 'the Prayer'

Sold for € 817.400

Pendant with a brilliant 'old cut' about 8 kt (tinted white, very small inclusion)(gold 18 kt)

Sold for € 30.000

Large clockset in gilt bronze by Lemerle-Charpentier & Cie à Paris, 19th century (94x40x23) (h100)

Sold for € 31.000

Jenny Montigny: painting (o/c) 'winter landscape with children'

Sold for € 24.000

Rabiat: a pair of large fire gilt candelabres 'karyatids', Empire

Sold for € 16.000

Philippe Vandenberg (Oil on canvas) "untitled" 1987

Sold for € 31.000

Keith Haring (1989): multiple (h.c.) large terra cotta bowl with ink 'untitled'

Sold for € 18.000

Exceptional, large statue in bronze on a red marble base 'Lady Liberty' with inscription "E pluribus unum", 19th century (h159 cm)

Sold for € 11.500

17th century (monogram AL 163...): painting (o/c) 'still life with roomer and oysters' (51x67cm)

Sold for € 36.000

A. Rodin: bronze bust of 'Dosia', cast by Compagnie des bronzes Bruxelles (h45 cm)

Sold for € 27.000

Fabricius & Kastholm 'daybed'

Sold for € 6.000

Georges Mathieu 1971 (mixed media with collage) (50x70cm)

Sold for € 7.500

Arman: bronze sculpture 'L'amie De Segovia'

Sold for € 21.000

Bourdon Gent: a large goldplated silver monstrance set with semi-precious stones (h73cm)

Sold for € 9.500

Roger Van Gindertael: (mixed media) 'two female figures' (h48x55cm)

Sold for € 6.500